Motorcycle Insurance Georgia

Motorcycle Insurance Belvedere (GA)

Georgia offers fantastic riding. Of course, if you ride in Georgia motorcycle insurance is required. At Georgia Motorcycle Insurance, we are riders ourselves who know how discouraging it is to pay nearly as much to insure your motorcycle as your car. We have years of experience with the industry, and we have established relationships to make it simpler, easier, and more cost-effective to get motorcycle insurance in Belvedere, GA. Ready to get rolling? It takes just 10 seconds. Find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Just enter your zip code.

Motorcycle Insurance: Georgia Laws

In Belvedere, Georgia motorcycle liability insurance is required by law. Liability insurance is insurance against legal liability to pay compensation and court costs where the insured has been found negligent in respect of injuries sustained by another person or damage to his/her property. Georgia has published the minimum liability limits for which you need to have coverage. There are 3 minimum liability limits laid out:

  • $25,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury of a Single Individual in an Accident
  • $50,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury of All Parties in an Accident
  • $25,000: Liability Coverage for Damage to Property

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