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Atlanta’s WOW Motorcycles: 1st GA Dealer to Carry Zero Motorcycles!

WOW Motorcycles is the first dealership in Georgia to carry Zero Motorcycles. It will host an open house on Saturday in Atlanta to exhibit Zero Motorcycles’ line of all-electric bikes. It will entertain the visitors with a show by Anger Management, live music, free food, prizes and giveaways. There are a lot of exciting activities at the open house. The visitors can watch and make test rides of their bikes at the open house.  The team here at Motorcycle Insurance Georgia will unfortunately not be able to make it; however, we hope everyone has a blast!

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WOW Motorcycles in Atlanta hosts open house Oct. 15

Motorcycle Helmet Laws: Georgia (GA)

In the State of Georgia Motorcycle Helmet Laws require that anyone riding a motorcycle wear a helmet.  This law was opposed by many bikers, as neighboring states such as SC and FL don’t share this law.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the use of helmets decrease biker risk, plain and simple. The…Continue Reading