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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Borich Takes First at Maxxis General GNCC Again

Chris Borich has out-ridden his competitors once again to win the second round at The Maxxis General GNCC in Washington, Georgia. The head of the pack of ATV racers fought a hard-scrabble battle for position on the muddy track as they were stuck head-to-tail for close to the entirety of the two-hour race.

Throughout most of the six laps at Aonia Pass MX Park, Borich was not able to take the lead for good until a mechanical issue forced Walter Flower, an XC1 rookie, to the side of the track. Talking about the race, Borich said, “At the beginning of the race we were just having fun, I mean Wolf lead there for a little bit. I passed him and he would pass me back and we joked around quite a bit. It was a fun time out there, I got to ride with pretty much all the top guys and it was just a fun time.”